Deputy Principal’s Message

Deputy Principal’s Message

I write to share with you the wonderful news that Ms Watkins has been awarded the Educate Plus International Award for Excellence in Institutional Leadership. It is one of the major awards that Educate Plus has and Ms  Watkins  was presented with her award  at their conference on the 8th of September.

Educate Plus is a not-for-profit membership organisation of advancement and development professionals working in the education sector (e.g work in the areas of alumni, development, enrolments, marketing).

Some background on the award for your info:

The Educate Plus Institutional Leadership Award recognises an educational leader who has supported and contributed to the role of advancement in their school / institution.

Nominees must satisfy the following criteria:

  •  Be a Principal, Vice-Chancellor, Board Member or Chair of Foundation (or equivalent) at a school / institution in Australasia.
  • Have demonstrated outstanding ability to promote and support the advancement function within their school / institution and the wider community.
  • Have been personally involved at a significant level in an advancement initiative or initiatives.

It’s quite a significant award.  Attached below is  the citation which was read on presentation of the award to Barbara and some lovely pictures from the ceremony.


Institutional Leadership Award Winner – Barbara Watkins,  Principal of Loreto Normanhurst

“As CEO and Principal of Loreto Normanhurst, Barbara Watkins has cultivated a culture at the school which not only recognises, but places value on the work performed in the Development area.  Her leadership is a major factor in ensuring that the various sectors within the school work together seamlessly to support the ongoing sustainability of Loreto Normanhurst.

Barbara is a visionary and visible leader.  Her enthusiastic support and active involvement ensures that the initiatives of the Development Team are well aligned with the overall strategic objectives for Loreto Normanhurst.

Barbara nurtures the careers of the Development Staff at Loreto Normanhurst every day by exemplifying inspirational leadership and through professional development.  Staff are encourage to take advantage of all learning opportunities including those provided by Educate Plus.  Barbara and the team have also hosted one of the NSW/ACT Chapter Conferences.

Barbara Watkins, we salute you as an outstanding and visionary educational leader.”


It’s only fitting for someone who takes such care and effort in recognising the achievements of others to be duly recognised on those which she herself has reached.

On behalf of the Loreto Normanhurst community, congratulations Ms Watkins!


Ms Marina Ugonotti

Deputy Principal