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How do We Learn About Work?

Work Experience – Real Learning from the Real World

In the past, work experience was usually structured into a set period in Year 10 for all students at the same time. While this had benefits for timetabling and planning, it forced many students to choose a work experience placement (or two) in areas they perhaps hadn’t developed an interest to explore yet. Career development learning is an individual journey that can begin in the primary years and should continue right through our working life. During the senior years of school when career learning really gains momentum, each student may reach a point individually where they are keen to explore a particular career in more detail.

Here at Loreto Normanhurst, we encourage students to consider undertaking some work experience when their own journey of career exploration reaches a point where they are keen to understand more about a particular career. In most cases, this needs to take place during school holiday periods, but the benefits are invaluable.

Work experience plays a huge role in supporting career development learning and helps students gain more insights into particular careers or industries that interests them.  Besides helping to refine career choices, work experience can improve many skills, like time management and communication. It provides an opportunity for students to observe, ask questions and talk to people in that industry about their career journey.

For students who choose to go to university or TAFE, work experience should continue to be a goal during their studies and often formal work experience programs and internships are offered to students during breaks. These are highly valuable opportunities to connect with industry and employers and build networks for when tertiary studies have finished and any work experience undertaken prior to this may help to secure these positions. Volunteer work also provides tremendous learning and experience about the world of work.


Would you like to try some Work Experience?

So far this year students have completed work experience in a range of industries including:

  • Vet Science
  • Occupational therapy
  • Equine Centre
  • Child Care
  • Hairdressing
  • Nursing
  • Law
  • Event Management


We are happy to assist students with ideas and contacts for work experience placements, so please email or visit the careers office. In addition, if you can provide a platform to facilitate such a worthwhile opportunity for our students please contact the careers office on 9473 7424.


The Careers Team

Carmel Donnan, Jo Hallinan and Leanne Valencia