Environmental Solutions – solving the problems

There are many courses and careers related to the environment including ecology, conservation, environmental science and management, hydrology, sustainable agriculture and environmental law to name but a few.  Students with an interest in environmental issues should consider exploring some of the career possibilities and course options and be part of the solution to our environmental concerns.

The following tool ‘Job Jump’ is a fantastic career research website that allows you to explore careers and find out where to study a particular course along with lots of other information.  It is available to all students and parents.

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Women in engineering

During the last week of Term 2, Lucy Illek and Anna Hanselmann took part in the UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering Work Experience Week where 60 Year 10 students from across NSW spent a week learning about civil and environmental engineering.


Throughout the week we visited many different sites around Sydney and Northern Wollongong where engineers have worked or are working. It was great to see the variation within civil engineering, from bridges, to skyscrapers, to an awning outside  David Jones.

Each day we got to experience something new and exciting. It was really good to be able to see a worksite in action because we had professors, lecturers and people from engineering companies helping to explain the worksites and parts of the worksite. Also, we went to the Laing O’Rourke innovation space and we were able to try out the Microsoft HoloLens, VR Goggles, Robots, stabiliser arms and large scale 3D printers just to name a few.

Both of our favourite experiences from the week was on the last day when we were discussing structural engineering. We were put into groups of six and were told to construct a building that was capable of withstanding an earthquake. We had restrictions such as materials and time and we put our design on a shaking table which simulated an earthquake.

Overall, this week was highly enjoyable and we would recommend it for anyone who is interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).”


Lucy Illek & Anna Hanselman

Year 11


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