Getting the most out of an Open Day

Open Day season, the time when Universities blow up the balloons, erect the marquees and gather as many student ambassadors wearing bright t-shirts as possible to meet and greet prospective students and their parents. 

Visiting a university on open day can be a highly worthwhile experience so here are our top 5 tips to get the most out of the day.

1. Do your homework & Plan Ahead

Know dates and the programme of events in advance. 

Download the list of 2017 open days  for all our participating institutions.

Find out what is on offer well before the day – talks, tours, faculty expos, this will ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities. It’s a busy day and there will be crowds of people.  Some sessions may require registration beforehand and numbers may be limited.  This information along with useful Open Day apps are available on University websites.  Go with your parents they will see things differently to you which can make for a good discussion.

2. Questions are the Answer

Before you go find out a little bit about the courses that you’re interested in.  Look on the website and research the name(s) of the academics in that particular faculty.  Find out where the faculty is and go ready to ask questions e.g. Where do your graduates find employment?  What practical or work experiences are on offer?  Are there exchange programmes available?  Talk to the students about their experience.  If you are looking at accommodation on campus again check out the facilities, the total costs involved, entry requirements and talk to students.

3. Alternative Entry & Pathway

Be sure to speak with the Prospective Student Advisors about the alternative pathways into university and any other selection criteria that may be considered e.g. portfolios, auditions, interviews etc.   Going from school to uni isn’t the only pathway you can take, there are other options and this is where your Careers Advisor can help.

4. Reflection

It’s important to do some thinking after your open day experience, – what did you like/not like, how easy was the travel to the campus, are they offering courses that I’m interested in, what are possible alternatives?   Write some things down about your overall impression.

5. Set Some Goals for Senior Study

Armed with the information set some personal goals to motivate you to achieve your best in your senior studies so that you have a range of options to consider after Year 12.

Remember you are the prospective student you should be asking questions and gathering as much information as possible to make a well informed decision.


Careers Meetings are for All Students in All Years

The office is open every day and all students are welcome and encouraged to drop in with their diaries or send an email to book a time.  Appointments can be made before school during lunch or after school, senior students can book during a study period.  Please email

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Careers Team

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Tafe NSW

Tuesday 15 August at Lunch in the Curran Theatre

A Tafe representative will talk about their Degree Programs and courses available.

Who should attend – Year 12 students.  This is also open to girls in Years 10 & 11.

What can you do with Mathematics?

Thursday 17 August at Lunch in the Curran Theatre

Who should attend – Year 10 & 11 students.  This is also open to girls in Year 12

Educational Access Scheme Applications Is Now Open

All forms need to be returned to the Careers office by Friday September 8 2017

Application forms are available from the Careers Office.

Educational Access Schemes (EAS) aim to help students whose education has been negatively affected during Year 11 and/or Year 12 receive an offer to university. Institutions use EAS to help eligible applicants gain admission to university if their ATAR is below a course cut-off by allocating bonus points, or places, to eligible EAS applicants.

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Interstate University Applications

If you’re planning to apply to university interstate, here is where you can apply. Make sure you keep an eye on the dates, as they differ from state to state. Most admissions centres allow you to change your preferences after the closing date, but make sure you know the rules (and fees) that apply in each state. Some have variable closing dates depending on the course you’re applying to.

Applications open 7 August; close 28 September

Applications open 3 August; close 26 September

Applications open 7 August; close 29 September

Applications open 7 August; close 29 September

Applications open 4 August; close 29 September

Sydney Conservatorium of Music Audition and Portfolios Deadline

1 September

Submit your application online.

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EY Cadet Program

As a Cadet, you’ll combine full-time work with part-time university studies and get the best of both worlds. You’ll work on client projects, gain help with your studies and enjoy a great social life too. Transform your energy into opportunity and by the time you graduate. To find out more, visit :

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UNE Bachelor of Pharmacy Online

The Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours is offered as a 4-year full time undergraduate course and is also available by distance education. The University of New England is the first university in Australia to offer a Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours by distance education delivery. The degree must be completed within ten years from the date of commencement.

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UNE Early Entry

Closes 29 September

Select up to three courses you would like to study from the Early Entry listing. Successful applicants will receive an offer of a university place in early November. You can accept your offer immediately and secure your place for 2018.

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Sydney Design School Info Sessions

If you’re passionate about becoming an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator then we invite you to come into our studios to learn more.
Wednesday 9 August, 6pm, Level 2, 40 Oxley Street, St Leonards, NSW
Friday 8 September, 1pm, Level 2, 40 Oxley Street, St Leonards, NSW
Registration is FREE.

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 Sydney Design School Open Day

Saturday 4 November, 10am – 12pm, Level 2, 40 Oxley Street, St Leonards, NSW
Immerse yourself in the exciting world of interior design and get creative building your own moodboard.
Registration is FREE.

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Excelsia College Sydney Open Day

Saturday 19 August, 10am – 4pm, 69-71 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park, NSW
Our staff, students and community invite you to join us for a day of excitement, information and fun at our campus in Macquarie Park.

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Raffles School Holiday Workshops – Fashion and Design

26 to 30 September, Parramatta

Cost: FREE, but registration is essential

If you’re interested in a creative design career, then Raffles Workshop Week is for you! Being able to identify all the skills you have can open you to more career options. It can also help you work out if you have any skills or knowledge gaps that can be addressed with further training.

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Sydney Science Festival

Until 20 August

There is something for everyone from forensics to gene research, art and science, sharks, astronomy. Get involved and have fun.

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Insights into high-paying industries

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The Future of the Australian Workforce

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Australian Jobs

This government report provides an overview of the labour market.
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