Year 12 Update 

Thank you to Year 12 for their participation and enthusiasm at our Year 12 Careers Info Day last Friday.

Students heard from various expert speakers on various topics including Early Entry, ‘what is my Plan B,’ Alternatives to University and Interview Skills. Students also heard from ex-students of the Class of 2016, who updated us on their career plans since school.

We continue to encourage Year 12 students to make an appointment with us to follow up what they have learnt from the session, and to speak to us about their plans for 2021.

We are running further Early Entry and Applications to University information sessions in Term 2.  

Some upcoming Year 12 Dates and Deadlines

  • The University Admissions Centre (UAC) will open for applications on 1 April. You will be emailed your PIN to login – more information to come. 
  • ANU applications will open next week and close at the end of May.
  • Why Choose a Professional Cadetship? Professional Cadetships provide unparalleled opportunities. As a Cadet, you combine study at the university of your choice with paid work at a leading company. Business Cadetship applications are made online and open on 8 March 2021, closing on 26 May 2021.

Information – Studying Medicine 

If you are a Year 11 or Year 12 student who is interested in studying to be a Doctor, you might be interested in some of the below events:

University Medicine Info Nights

UCAT Info Sessions

  • Balancing UCAT and ATAR; Fraser’s UCAT Live Online Workshop – please click here to find out more about the event and register.
  • UCAT NIE – National Institute of Education – Intensive UCAT training workshop, 27 February 2021. For more information and to enrol, click HERE
  • Study Medicine has information about 59-degree paths that lead to medicine, as well as monthly offers, interviews and application info and a quiz to assess a student’s chance to be accepted into medicine. Detailed degree pathway information can be obtained by subscribing to Study Medicine.
  • Are you sitting the UCAT Test in 2021? (You will need to have subscribed to Study Work Grow to read this article)

Interesting reads 

This week’s engineering fact…

Did you know wombats have square poo? Scientists believe this is because wombats communicate with each other by their poo. A circle-shaped poo could roll away, meaning the wombats message could get lost. But a square shape stops the poo from rolling, so the wombat’s message will be seen by his friend! 

Pick your favourite animal and find out something interesting about them – why does this interesting thing happen and how does it help the animal live or improve the animal’s life?

Do not forget to check back in for next week’s engineering fact and research activity!

Design Thinking

Avanade Australia is running free Design Led Thinking virtual workshops this year for high school students.

Job Spotlights

IT Support Officer

If you love IT, enjoy customer service roles and you would love to work as part of a team but take responsibility for your own workload, then a career in IT Support could be worth considering.

Watch the YouTube clip or read the Job Spotlight.

Music Therapy as a Career

Everyone loves listening to their favourite tunes, but did you know that music can be used to improve people’s health?
A career in Music Therapy could see you using music to help improve people’s physical and mental health, functioning and overall wellbeing. Find out more HERE

Other Career News 

Microsoft Mondays

Girl Geek Academy and Microsoft have teamed up to present weekly online workshops to high school girls interested in coding and technology.
Each Monday you will get the chance to hang out with other like-minded girls online, and learn something new about tech. The classes are perfect for both beginners and more experienced students.
Classes start Monday 22 February, register HERE.

Women in Science at the Australian National Maritime Museum 

Join the Australian National Maritime Museum for Women in Science, encouraging High School girls to look beyond the lab coats and explore career possibilities in STEM. Visit the museum on Friday the 5th of March or join in online, with virtual programs from the 8th – 12th. Read more here or email

Complimentary Introduction to Entrepreneurship Evening

This evening will be held on 4th of May 2021 for students who are entering a rapidly changing environment. Find out about entrepreneurship and how being an entrepreneur and starting a business can be a viable career path. RSVP to learn more.

US University Admission Requirements are changing. 

US universities will no longer require nor recommend students to sit SAT Subject Tests nor the optional writing section of the SAT. Both these tests will be phased out globally by June 2021. Internationally Educated has written an article with further details.

What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is a 12-month program which will allow our candidates to work, gain practical experience, achieve a nationally recognised qualification, and get paid!

What are the benefits?

  • Gaining hands-on, industry experience
  • Obtaining a qualification, with no debt upon completion
  • Working with a host company who is dedicated to the candidate’s growth and development.
  • Full time employment with all the perks (leave entitlements, weekly pay)
  • A high chance of securing a role with the host company after completion.

How does the training work?

While working at their host company, the candidate will be allocated time each week to study.

ARC Group Training will arrange for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to deliver the qualification and provide monthly training sessions via an online, digital platform.


Ms Katrina Smith and Ms Alexi Kayes

Careers Advisors