Choose Your Own Adventure

Alternative Career pathways aren’t just limited to University.  

You could apply for a job straight out of school, get work experience and work your way up the career ladder. It’s not an easy route by any means, but if it’s an option for the career of your choice, you’ll start earning straight away and be pursuing the job you wanted.

If you want to join the Police or the Fire Service then tertiary education isn’t a requirement. You can apply directly through relevant state services.  As long as you meet all the requirements and pass the admissions tests, you could be embarking on a career within months of leaving school.

Check out the service you’re interested in, entry requirements can differ between states.

If you’re an Australian who’s completed Year 10 you  may be eligible to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF).  The training, qualifications and work experience you can access through the ADF is phenomenal. It’s definitely worth seeing if the career you want is an option through them. You’ll have to commit for a period of time, but not forever if turns out to be something you don’t love. Meanwhile you’ll get plenty of support, opportunities and learn lots.

Vocational Education And Training (VET)

There are literally thousands of Diplomas and Certificate qualifications available for courses delivering work-place specific knowledge and skills across lots of careers and industries. You can study anything from trades, office work, management, retail, hospitality, to tourism, and technology.

You can even study in-class or online through TAFE or RTOs (Registered Training Organisations). Again, there are thousands of options for institutions as well as courses.

Narrow down your options by deciding an area you want to study. Search for courses matching your requirements and then by location or on-line options. It’s always worth checking if you’re eligible for any grants or additional funding that can cover some or all of the costs.

Search for courses or institutions  here  as a great starting point.


Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions are government owned providers of VET courses. They’re found throughout Australia and offer countless study options.

If you’ve completed Year 10 at school you can study at TAFE. The qualifications (see VET section) are just as valid and transferrable as a university degree (and can be a pathway into uni if that’s your end goal), and potential employers view TAFE qualifications as favourably as degrees in many cases.

TAFE institutions offer courses on various subject areas, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Arts and Design
  • Building and Furnishing
  • Business and Marketing
  • Community and Health
  • Education and Languages
  • Engineering and Transport
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Information Technology

So you’ll be able to find a course that floats your boat. You can search through some of the courses  here.

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Upcoming Events

Defence force Australia – Defence Careers Info Session

November 21 | Sydney
November 22 | Newcastle

Thinking of a career in the Australian Defence Force but not sure if you’re best suited to Navy, Army or Air Force?

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Defence Force Australia – Women in Defence Info Session

November 12 | Newcastle
November 26 | Sydney

Looking to develop your skillset or simply progress your career?

Speak with current serving Women in the Australian Defence Force and learn about opportunities in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

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CCUSA Summer Camp Jobs & Info Sessions

Attend one of our exciting free information meetings and learn first-hand about working, living and traveling overseas.  At these sessions, CCUSA staff, through a fun and informative presentation, will walk you through the program, benefits, responsibilities, and application process. You can hear former participants relate their memorable program experiences, and ask them questions to gain insight into camp and the USA.
Our aim is to give you an honest and straightforward view of CCUSA and the programs we offer. We want you to learn about the total experience and the commitment required so you can decide which program is the right fit for you.

Sydney | 19 November
Newcastle | 21 November
Central Coast | 22 November
Online | 26 November

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Medview – Uncovering the UCAT

November 26 | Sydney

Unsure about changes in medical school admissions testing? Come decipher the shift from UMAT to UCAT for Australian med school admissions.

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Medical Entry Test University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) has replaced UMAT for medical entry in Australia and New Zealand. Please visit to enroll in UCAT workshops, online UCAT courses and a free UCAT sample test.

Macquarie University – Explore Your Options Week

December 13 – 22 | Macquarie University

We’re showcasing what’s on offer when you study at Macquarie. During this time, you can chat one- on-one with our team about our flexible courses and pathways to uni, visit our campus and check out our facilities. It’s a great opportunity to get your questions answered and know you’re making the right uni choice.

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UNSW – Info Day

December 15 | UNSW, Sydney

Attend lectures, explore the campus and chat to academics and current students in the Advisory Centre. Come and see what studying at UNSW is all about.

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University of Canberra – Course Advice Day

December 20 | Building 1, University of Canberra
January 11 | Building 1, University of Canberra

Get one-on-one assistance with applying, accepting your offer and enrolling in units.

Chat to our helpful staff about our support services, pathway programs and accommodation providers. Get to know the campus with one of our many tours running throughout the day.

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 Billy Blue College of Design – Open Day

January 19 | Sydney

We know choosing the right course is top priority and a BIG decision, that’s why we make sure everyone is on deck to answer your questions; lecturers, students, graduates, campus support staff and our Course & Careers Advisors. 

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TAFE NSW – Scholarships

Everyone deserves the opportunity to explore their talents and to fulfil their potential. Regardless of your circumstances, you deserve the chance to create a better future through education and training. Every year we award hundreds of scholarships to our students, so make this year your year to be rewarded.

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