Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program

Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program

During Week 2, Year 10 Drama students participated in the Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program under the direction of Chris Tomkinson. Throughout the week a series of workshops allowed our students to delve into the complex and comedic world of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Their hard work culminated in a highly engaging performance on Friday evening in the Drama Space.  

It was a joy to share the hard work of our students with an audience. This is our 9th year working with Bell Shakespeare. Year after year it is a delight to see the growth and learning that takes place. Congratulations girls on your commitment, energy, creativity and teamwork! 

A very big thank you to all those who attended on Friday evening and to those who supported the program.

Below are some reflections from Year 10 students about their learning experiences during the program:

“Last week the Year 10 drama students participated in a Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence program learning about Shakespeare and especially a Midsummer’s Night Dream. Getting the insight of a professional actor and director really helped us extend ourselves and push us into our characters. What we learnt will stay with us for the rest of our lives. But the week wasn’t without its challenges. Being able to stay focused for multiple hours per day and then throughout the whole week was a challenge that everyone had. Also having the confidence to go in with your ideas and sharing your opinions was one of the challenges that we believe we all overcame. We are really proud of our year group and we thank Bell Shakespeare and the Drama Department for the experience.”

 Imogen Fish and Madeleine Campbell


“Over the last week of the Bell Shakespeare program we learnt lots of skills and exercises to help us build up to a performance at the end of the week. I learnt how to work productively and efficiently when you only have a short amount of time and how to enhance a performance and make it more engaging.

 Overall, the Bell Shakespeare workshop was very useful, and I learnt a lot of things about not only performing Shakespeare but the history of Shakespeare and the elements used in drama to create a good performance.”

Amelia Windever


Ms Anna-lea Russo

Head of Drama