Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program

Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program

During Week 2, Year 10 Drama students participated in the Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program under the direction of Chris Tomkinson, from the Bell Shakespeare Company.

Throughout the week a series of workshops allowed our students to delve into the complex and comedic world of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Their hard work culminated in a highly engaging performance last Friday evening.  The performance was scheduled to take place outdoors, however, the scorching heat of the afternoon turned into a stormy event and only moments into the show the weather forced us to move inside. The Year 10 Drama students were completely unfazed by the change of location, thinking quickly and problem solving on their feet. They were required to reverse entry points and adjust a lot of what they had rehearsed and they did this with confidence, engaging their audience and making them laugh at the crazy antics of the characters.  

Thank you to all those who attended  the performance and supported the program. A special thanks to Ms Marina Ugonotti and Ms Sophie Kearns for supporting the Artist in Residence Program. We are very lucky to have worked with Bell Shakespeare for the last eight years. Thank you to our maintenance staff, our photographer and the primary school staff for accommodating us in the primary school space. Also, a very big thank you to the Drama department Mrs Casey Scoines, Mrs Chris Woods and Ms Angela Morosin for their energy and hard work throughout the week.

Below are some reflections from Year 10 students about their learning experiences throughout the program:

Throughout the week we participated in the Bell Shakespeare Program, and we both enjoyed learning the style of Shakespeare and the way that it is performed. In particular, we benefited from learning the rhythmic patterns, the meaning of key words, the history of where and how Shakespeare’s plays were performed and how to appear as confident and realistic actors. The experience was worthwhile of our time and we learned so much in every workshop that we participated in.

Anne-Maree Swanson and Charlotte Cluff

The Bell Shakespeare Program was an exciting and interesting experience that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of Shakespeare. The program enabled us to delve into the characters present within the script and better understand the context of the play. During the week, we learnt vital skills about how to interpret Shakespearean literature, maintain focus on stage, remain constant with our character’s objective, and utilise the full space. Ultimately, this experience provided us with plethora of knowledge and skills whilst also having an thoroughly enjoyable and exciting time.

Alessia Anderson, Erin Longney and Annika Shankar


Ms Anna-lea Russo

Head of Drama