Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program

Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program

A very big thank you to all who  supported and attended last Friday evening’s performance of Macbeth.

During Week 3, Year 10 Drama students participated in the Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program under the direction of Chris Tomkinson. Throughout the week a series of workshops allowed our students to delve into the complex world of one of Shakespeare’s most challenging tragedies. Their hard work culminated in a highly engaging performance in the LRC where the audience followed the actors through the space to witness the tragic downfall of Macbeth and his wife.  A special thank you to the very talented library staff who gave up so much of their time to transform the LRC by creating various sets and installations for the girls to perform in and around.

Following are reflections from some of our Year 10 Drama students about their learning experiences during the program.

“The Bell Shakespeare program was a busy week that was full of “hard-fun” and gave us all an experience that we will never forget. Chris Tomkinson helped us all become stronger performers through intense workshops which he managed to make a lot of fun. Friday was definitely the highlight of the week as we set up for the performance and we were very lucky to be working with the space in the LRC that was so beautifully decorated by the library staff. It was a very challenging week where we had to think on our feet, understand the language of Shakespeare and we were only given our scripts the day before our performance! We were most proud of our end result (performance of Macbeth) which was the cherry on top of a wonderful week.”

By Charlotte Tillbrook and Jayda Gursel

“Last week, during the Bell Shakespeare Artist in Residence Program we were challenged, we had fun, and we learnt all about the world of Macbeth and saw through the eyes of Shakespeare. A highlight was performing for everyone on Friday as we got to show everyone how much we had grown as actors and how many new skills we had learnt. It was also really interesting to learn about iambic pentameter and to embody the characters of Macbeth with the help of our director/instructor Chris. We were challenged in a range of ways, including only receiving our scripts the day before our performance, and having to decipher Shakespearean language, some of which we would  never have come across before. It was all very hard, tiring and sometimes frustrating, but that’s what made it so fun! The end result of a play we had put together in a matter of hours, the skills we developed and the way we engaged with each other made everything worth the hard work, and we were so proud of our end performance.”

Antonia Tassell and Ivana Ojurovic


Miss Anna-lea Russo

Acting Head of Drama