Behind the Boarder

Behind the Boarder

Share in photos and stories from our boarders about what boarding life means to them as together, we celebrate, National Boarding Week.

Isabella Price, Boarding captain, Brisbane

Being a boarder has been the most rewarding experience, and something I never thought I would get the opportunity to do when I was growing up. I have the unique life of living with my best friends!

Eliza Harley, boarding vice captain, Bobadah, Central NSW

Boarding has allowed me to create genuine and unique friendships with girls from all years and from all over the world. It has helped me grow and develop, independently from a young age.

Maria Treacy, Broome, WA


Eliza and Tessa Haire, wee waa, nsw

Eliza: Tessa and I live on a farm just outside Wee Waa, North West NSW, around 600km from Sydney. We breed emus, cattle and occasionally grow crops on our property ‘Willow Glen’. Beginning boarding at Loreto in 2016 was a massive change from what I was used to, Sydney held so many opportunities that were never really an option whilst at home. I remember being so nervous my first few weeks at Loreto, but after four full years and now a senior Year 11 student, boarding school has definitely become my home away from home! 

Tessa: This year I have begun my journey at Loreto Normanhurst as a Year 7 boarder. It was a big change from running around on the farm to rushing up and down the stairs around the big boarding school! So far I have loved joining in the extra-curricular activities and meeting heaps of new people, although I did miss my family a lot, and I finally could find my way around all the classrooms which was definitely a plus! 

Annabelle and Olivia Kingston, tootool, nsw

Annabelle: We are from a farm in a small town called ‘Tootool’. We both started boarding last year, I was in Year 10 and Olivia was in Year 9. We have two younger sisters at home, age 13 and 9. Having a sister at boarding school is a special experience that we are very lucky to share. It also means we can still share each others clothes and keep the ‘fam banter’ going! Our farm consists of sheep, cattle and a wide variety of crops. 

Olivia: At the moment we are sowing our crops and shortly lambing season will begin; we have already had a few lambs hit the ground. Our favourite thing to do at home is have huge bonfires, ride around on the motorbikes and most definitely drive the header during harvest!  Being back with the family is so much fun after long periods of time and boarding school has made us all the more grateful to have each other. Our favourite boarding memory this year was most certainly the first day back, after eight weeks it is so exciting to see everyone and be together again.



We are sisters from Orange NSW, in the Central West. 

Sophia: We all came to Normo in 2018 when I was in Year 9, Bridget in Year 8 and Abbey Year 7. We are three of six kids, and we have a younger brother and two little sisters.

We live in town where our Dad is a diesel plant mechanic and runs a mechanical workshop where they repair machinery like buckets from large trucks and drills that come from different mine sites across the state. Our mum is a primary school teacher at one of the local primary schools. Along with the workshop we operate a farm in Yass, NSW, where we run sheep and cattle. We frequently visit and have spent a lot of our childhood helping out and doing jobs around the place including mustering and helping with shearing. 

Bridget: When we arrived at Loreto it was really exciting to meet so many new people and be part of such a welcoming community. But it was extra special that we got to do it together and have the support of one another. The best thing about living with your sisters at boarding school is always having your family with you even when you are away from home (as well as being able to steal each others clothes!). 

Abagail: When we are at home we love spending time with our dog Wally and taking him for walks. Orange is known for its amazing food and when Covid-19 wasn’t around we loved to visit our favourite cafes as well as spend time with our little siblings and watch them play sport. When we are at the farm we love riding motorbikes and helping Dad. For us the highlight of the boarding year pre-covid was definitely the Pink Lady Cruise. It is such a fun night from the dancing, the dress ups and of course the photos near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

We are so lucky for the opportunities and memories we have gained whilst being at Loreto and we love our boarding family and our amazing day girl friends who are always willing to look out for us and take us out for the weekend. Boarding school has provided us with skills that will carry on for the rest of our lives and we are so appreciative!


cat roonan, bangkok, thailand

I am a Year 11 Boarder all the way from Bangkok, Thailand! Currently I am back home with my family.  Being a boarder without a doubt has its ups and downs. Though living far away from my family is hard at times, I will never regret making the choice to come and study  at Loreto Normanhurst. Making the decision to become a boarder was one of the biggest decisions I had to make, but deeply I knew that this was the best path for me, as becoming a boarder here at Normo will shape me into a strong, wise, and independent individual. And sure enough, I can already see and feel the positive effects of how far I have come. As every challenge I face, and every obstacle I overcome teaches me to be stronger. But the best part of all, is being able to meet new people and create life-long bonds. Where meaningful memories, full of great smiles and laughter are constantly being created.  Thanks to the great support and love of our wonderful boarding community.