Beach Clean Challenge

Beach Clean Challenge

It is with much excitement that we launch our #LNbeachclean Photography Challenge and invite all in the Loreto Normanhurst community to participate over the summer break.

As you may be aware, ocean plastic is an enormous problem with estimates of over 5 trillion pieces in the water. The immediate consequences to marine wildlife and sea-birds are dire and it is likely that the human population will be affected as toxins that accumulate in tiny fragments of plastics enter our food chain.

Below you will find a few more details about the project and the above collage of internet-sourced images may provide inspiration.

NOTE: Students have been sent an email in which rules and guidelines as their online and physical safety is paramount; if applicable, please review these with your daughter.


What is #LNbeachclean?

Our community’s contribution to the global movement to try and reduce ocean plastic by removing it from the beach.

[For those of us who are less experienced in using social media, #LNbeachclean is the hashtag to let us know you are participating in the efforts of Loreto Normanhurst over the summer break]


How Do I Participate?

  1. Collect plastic off the beach (or the bush, or wherever you see it!) and then take a photo.
  2. Dispose of the plastic in the appropriate bin – separate it into recyclable or landfill.
  3. Send your image via Direct Message to the Loreto Normanhurst Instagram account @loretonh with the hashtag #LNbeachclean or email   it to us. 

NOTE: you can post to your private social media too in order to raise awareness and show off your artistic abilities, but don’t forget the hashtag #LNbeachclean!


What are We Looking For?

  • Striking photography of you collecting or holding your stash or an artistic arrangement
  • Photos of a craft project you have made from the waste


What’s in it for Me?

  • Seeing your photo on official Loreto Normanhurst social media
  • The chance of your photo being framed and displayed at school
  • The knowledge that you have made a contribution to securing the future of our marine wildlife and seabirds


Ms Elizabeth Cranfield

Teacher of Science