Agricultural Technology News

Agricultural Technology News

This year, our Year 9 students were offered the opportunity to study Agricultural Technology as an elective.

As a school we aim to develop compassionate women of integrity who use their gifts in responsible service. The study of Agricultural Technology empowers students to play a role in the global challenge of feeding and clothing the world and securing a sustainable future. Current estimates suggest that we will need 70 per cent more food globally by 2050 than we did at the beginning of this century (Pratley).

Agricultural Technology as a course offers students the opportunity to study various aspects of animal and plant production, including biology (anatomy and physiology), business management and marketing, technology and the role of Agriculture in the Australian economy. There is also a strong focus on sustainability and ethics.

In Semester One, students were challenged to be informed and think critically about the ethics, economic and environmental sustainability of Cage, Barn-laid and Free-Range Egg Production Enterprises. A visit to the Poultry Unit at Sydney University enabled them to gain further insights into the industry as a whole. Students also helped to raise day-old chicks (in conjunction with some Year 11 students studying Agriculture via Distance Education). The chickens are now but days away from laying. Who will get to find the very first egg?

Students were also given the opportunity to visit an organic farm which uses cutting-edge technology to produce both fish and herbs in a way that is highly efficient in terms of resources and physical footprint. They  have also been enjoying the experience of growing their own vegetables Рharvesting beans and snow peas and have recently planted salad greens, onions, strawberries and the much-anticipated potatoes.


Mr David Little

Head of Science