Acting Head of PDHPE

Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.

John F. Kennedy

Adolescents are an enthusiastic and diverse group of young people. Their ability to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle is influenced by many social and cultural factors. Here at Loreto, PDHPE has an important role in assisting our students to manage these factors in order to protect, promote and restore their health. It also shapes their understanding of important life skills, the promotion and acceptance of inclusiveness, as well as building a community that is supportive of all people.

In order to facilitate these teachings, there have been copious amounts of activity taking place in the PDHPE department to date. Most recently, Year 10 were fortunate enough to take place in the ‘Keeping Safe Road Safety Program’ run by The Blue Datto Organisation. This program assisted students in building practical skills and strategies to use as drivers, road users and passengers, along with nurturing the self-assurance of young people to speak up when faced with risky situations.

Year 10 PASS took up an ‘Amazing Race’ challenge at the Cumberland State Forest in an outdoor workshop. Students developed a thorough understanding of the navigation and orienteering skills needed to safely travel through bushland and open environments, whilst building essential team work and problem solving abilities.

At a senior level, our Year 11’s participated in a ‘Sports Science Program’ at the Academy of Sport at Narrabeen. It gave students access to sophisticated equipment and facilities, and served as an introduction to their Stage 6 PDHPE course.

Way back in Term 1 when our Aussie weather was much more attractive than recent months, Year 7 students took part in a Surf Education ‘Swim and Survive’ Program at Manly Beach. This particular program is one which has run for many years here at Loreto and has served as a very important teaching facet in regards to assisting with educating our teens about surf and sun dangers. This program not only teaches students to identify dangerous water conditions, but also focusses on sun protection and the identification of risk and protective factors associated with skin cancer – with melanoma being the third most common cancer among Australians.

Whilst Year 7 enjoyed the sun and surf, Year 8 got their dancing shoes on and participated in an extensive day long workshop hosted by DUTI Dance Academy. This workshop enabled students to connect their knowledge of performance, composition and appreciation – a key feature of their Creative Dance Program. It comprised of a variety of genres including African Dance, Hip Hop and Jazz.

Last but not least, we wish our Year 12s the very best as they soon embark on the final chapter to their 13 years of schooling – the HSC. We wish you well and know you will do us proud.

We are looking forward to many more exciting things ahead in the world of PDHPE – and remember to make health and fitness part of your day!


Ms Marie Bugge

Acting Head PDHPE