Acting Dean of Pastoral Care

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care

The past Term has sped by in a blur and has been filled with so many wonderful experiences for staff and students alike. Not only was it the start of a brand new year for all, full of new beginnings, hope and determination to achieve the goals and dreams set out ahead of us, but in the process our new student leaders embraced their leadership roles with zest and enthusiasm, our new students became true Loreto girls and our new staff are now starting to understand the unique Loreto culture and traditions which shape all who become part of this great school.

The contribution of our Student Council members can only be applauded. They meet every week to meticulously plan the many activities at our school which encourage participation and involvement of all our girls. Their energy and willingness to work hard make these meaningful, fun-filled and inclusive.  Each member of the Student Council take up their role with integrity and an earnest wish to ensure quality relationships between all the members of our community.

Some of the many activities which they were involved in this term were:

  • Parent information evenings Year 12-7
  • HSC and ROSA Assembly
  • Year 7 Camp
  • Music Festival Rehearsals
  • SRC Trivia Night
  • Year 12 Academic Plenaries
  • Parliament House Excursion
  • Year 12 Retreat
  • Spirituality Evening
  • SRC Dance
  • Open Day
  • House Inductions
  • Music Festival

The Year 11 students have also embarked on their senior leadership journey.  During their Curriculum meetings this term, they have voted for the 96 members of the Loreto Day Core Team which consists of: The Awareness Raising Core Team, Community Relationships Reps, Finance Reps, House Reps, Management Reps, Communication Reps, Concert Reps and Auction Reps.

Under the leadership of the Awareness Raising Core Team Year 11 have now voted on a Loreto Day Cause for this year which will be launched on Wednesday 27 April after which the many Loreto Day activities will kick off to make this event yet again a highly effective community building exercise but also raise much needed funds for the selected cause this year.

We wish the following members of the Awareness Raising Core Team who are responsible for the Loreto Day Cause and the preparation of the launch much success with the planning of our school feast day on 3 June 2016.

  • Laura Cook
  • Hollie Duff-Clarke
  • Lori Hunter
  • Kate Nicol
  • Emily Heuston
  • Kate Macken
  • Philippa Rich
  • Kate Coffey
  • Olivia Elstob
  • Tatendasihe Mwanza
  • Madeline Viney
  • Molly Thomas
  • Noni Reginato
  • Libby Anderson
  • Jordan Roberts
  • Sarah Playford
  • Claire Hassall
  • Madeleine Roberts
  • Abigail Jones
  • Kirsten Wright
  • Zoe Hickey
  • Meg Conlon
  • Olivia Bell
  • Lucy Gibson

The Year 7 students have now developed into young Loreto women, who know their way around the campus, have an understanding of the Loreto Traditions and know what it means to belong to a particular House. They took time this term to plan the Music Festival badges for each House while carefully considering the House spirit, motto and song in this process. These badges will be proudly worn by all on Music Festival evening on Friday.

Our Year 8 students continued to work through Tom Nehmy’s Healthy Minds Program investigating the importance of fostering healthy mental well-being. This program consisting of many aspects such as: a growth-mind set, the value of gratitude, kindness, flexible thinking skills, resilience, developing ‘psychological muscle’ and how to avoid the pitfalls of ‘perfectionism’ should form a foundation for students to build on towards general well-being.

Students in Year 9 have been exploring the rich Aboriginal history, culture and art through their Integrated Learning to prepare them for their visit to FNQ at the start of Term 3. They are already excited as this marks one of the most important character building experiences which will shape them into women of compassion, understanding and a willingness to roll up their sleeves and become active in working for Social Justice. This event will start their journey in Community Service which will hopefully inspire them to do more for communities in years to come. The FNQ Parent Information evening will take place on Friday 13 May 2016.

Year 10 were involved in our annual Mary Ward Connect program and have either travelled to another Loreto school, hosted students from other Loreto schools or have been involved in welcoming travelling Loreto students to our school. They have gained a deeper  understanding of the expanse of our Loreto tradition, the similarities between all the Australian Loreto schools but also a sense of pride of the uniqueness of our own ‘Normo’ traditions.

Some of our girls have also participated in various other excursions held at different venues which presented meaningful learning experiences. A common theme which transpired from many discussions, meetings and conferences at various venues is the enormous but real issue of equality. Their willingness do go out there and educate themselves and their peers on these issues is heart-warming. We will continue to investigate and create opportunities for our students to be challenged by external presenters and a meaningful way to take action to tackle some of these issues in our communities.


Mrs Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care